Bee Line Townsend Cutter

NO cutter is better than a Bee Line Townsend Wool Fabric Cutter.

High quality, precision engineered, exquisite craftsmanship, attractive design.  What attracted me to this cutter and why it stood out from the rest was the easy blade “drop in” design.  Pick your cassette size, flip the top arm, switch the cassette and flip the arm back to the locked position.  YES, it is really that easy!  The cassettes never need sharpening because the “blades” are not actually blades.  They are brass rings that are precision designed to fit together and cut fabric.

Cassettes are available in regular (the size most rug hookers would use) and long (for the professional rug hook kit maker).

Left handed?  Not a problem!  The cutter body is available in a left handed model.

The caddy holds 4 cassettes and the cutter body safe and secure in custom cut foam.

Best yet, the product is hand built in the good ol’ USA.


Bee Line Townsend Cutter Cassettes – the finest wool cutter made and the easiest blade to change.  Simply move the arm back, drop in the cassette, move the arm back to locked position and begin cutting. Cassettes are available in a variety of sizes.




The Bee Line Townsend Wool Cutter table is sturdy and strong but still lightweight and easy to transport.

Made for the Bee Line Townsend Cutters and will fit into the caddy for easy traveling; just unscrew the three leg screws (legs will remain attached to the table by pins), put the screws in a bag and put in with the cutter and close the lid! Easy peasy!!!




Bee Line Cutter Cassette Case will hold and protect up to three Bee Line Townsend Cassettes.  Please note the case DOES NOT come with cassette cutters.