My First Blog Post!

My First Blog Post!

January 1 is the day that many start new projects and make resolutions. My resolution this year, was to get off the proverbial fence and get going on this blog!

Welcome to Nampa Farmgirl Creates; Apron Strings, The Ties That Bind. My name is Kimberley. I live in a small farming community, on a ‘farmette’ just outside of Boise, Idaho, specifically Nampa, hence the name of my company; Nampa Farmgirl and since I love to create, I added the word Creates. I think it just sounded better, 🙂

The blog name ‘Apron Strings; The Ties That Bind’ came to me as a metaphor to join together and combine our knowledge, to share what we know, collectively, empowering each other and help each other grow and what a beautiful bow I think we will make…. together.

I love to rug hook, punch needle, applique, quilt, and sew, ok, I could have shortened that to say I love anything that is fiber related. I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl. I made many of my own clothes as a teen. I was able to recreate the top designer looks, using simple patterns and was able to tailor fit myself and friends clothes. I was accepted into an Apparel Design program, right out of high school and when I was young mom, I made custom prom dresses, wedding gowns, and other formals; horse riding outfits,; tailored men’s suits; constructed bedroom curtains and bedding, to be able to bring in extra money and to be the ‘stay at home mom’ that I wanted to be.

My daughters are grown and on their own now and my retirement from my ‘job that pays the bills’ is right around the corner, April 8, 2019 to be exact.

Fast forward, I am a student in the Pearl McGown Teachers Workshop program and I also currently teach the art of rug hooking to local students. I applied and enrolled in the Pearl McGown accreditation program to sharpen my skills and keep up with new trends, thoughts and ideas.

When I first started to learn rug hooking, I was fortunate enough to join a local group of ‘hookers’ who gave me help, shared their tools and advice along the way, but there was a lack of hand-dyed wool, patterns, skill building classes available to me locally. As my interest grew, I wanted newer tools and equipment, and of course, wanted to expand my skillset. That meant traveling to other states. It was then that I decided to open an online store (although, I occasionally toy with the idea of a Brick-and-Morter someday).

When my store Nampa Farmgirl Creates opened, I soon realized there was a great big world out there, and frankly that is still amazing to me. Since I have customers all around the United States and either they do not have local stores near them with supplies they want/need, then perhaps they do not have access to hands-on workshops and trainings either.

Apron Strings will feature basic, mid and upper-level Traditional Rug Hooking, Punch Needle, Punch Hook, Applique and Sewing Techniques. I’ll not only share my own projects, but I’ll take you inside my classroom to see the projects of my students (with their permission of course). Are you Dying to Dye? Are you a little timid of a dye pot? Guess what? We will peak in on my dye kitchen too! Oh and give-aways, yep, yep, yeppee, (as my youngest would say when she was a little, copying a little dinosaur cartoon character she liked) there will be give-aways too!

If Nampa Farmgirl Creates sounds like your sort of site, I’d like to invite you to come along with me, I’d love to share what I know, what I learn as I grow, to help you learn and grow too!

Happy New Year to you and yours. I wish you much love, health and happiness in 2019!


And here’s to one of my 2019 New Years Resolutions, I can check mark off the list.


Nampa Farmgirl Creates is a home grown business based in the picturesque state of Idaho.

What started as a hobby turned quickly into a passion.  To transform the yarn and fabric into not only vibrant colors by dying but also one of a kind projects is what I strive for.

Nampa Farmgirl Creates offers affordable, quality goods at reasonable prices.  I am a small town girl that believes in old time principles.  I will do what I say and say what I do, I will give you the necessary tools to help you along the way and when asked will gladly provide guidance – because YOU the customer is what matters most.

Please visit my Etsy shop for products available for purchase as I am currently updating my website.

You can also find Nampa Farmgirl Creates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (social links can be found at the top of this page).  Remember to use the hashtag #nampafarmgirlcreates when posting a picture using any products from Nampa Farmgirl Creates.

Thank you for joining me in this journey as I conquer the hooking world.

                                  Until next time,